You are a magnificent being.  You are the physical manifestation of Universal Energy.  You are ONE and the Same with the powers that created the Universe. Your knowledge and experience is boundless, infinite. You are the Source. You are the Power you’ve been searching for.  You are the Creator of the life you are living.
         How do I know this?
           How do you not?

We are all on very different levels in our lives.  We all see things differently. We all feel things differently. We all understand things differently.  Everything that you are experiencing at the moment, no matter how overwhelming it may seem, is just an opportunity to Learn something about yourself.  Something Wonderful.  Something Valuable.  Something Enlightening.  Something that will take you to the next level.  And that is exactly why you are here. 
Sometimes, however, we get stuck in old thought patterns or false beliefs that have been instilled in us since childhood.  Sometimes we don’t fully understand how or why we’ve created a particularly challenging situation in our lives.  A New Insight may help you to see your situation in a New Light. It may give you new tools to work with. You may find yourself on a more self-empowering path. 
Remember, NO ONE can change you. Only YOU can do that. If any ‘life coach’, teacher, guide etc. says they can change your life, walk away.  It will be a waste of your time and money.  The world is full of Charlatans making False promises. You are the Power.  You are the Master of your Thoughts.  You are the Master of your Destiny.   This is what I want you to Know, Feel, and Believe.
When you connect to your Higher Power you are simply allowing yourself to unlock the answers that are already there.  You are not separate from the Universe.  You are one with these great Powers.  These Energies don’t sit and look down on you.  They are in you.  They are around you. They are of you. 
Perhaps it's time to Explore Choices and Directions different from the ones holding you back at the moment. Perhaps it's time to recognize your Fears so they no longer control you.  Connect with your Beautiful Source and uncover your own True Power.  Finding the Confidence to be your own Leader rather than someone’s Follower.
Eric Allen
                  THE NEW AWAKENING
        Many Thanks
     Deepest Gratitude
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