Believe in YOURSELF.  Don’t be a follower.   Be a Leader.  Don’t believe what you hear.  Believe what you Know and Feel.  Don’t put anyone on a higher pedestal than yourself.  When you learn from another you must look into their eyes.  Know your Power.  Feel your Power.  Believe your Power.  No One is Greater than You.
Those who allow themselves to be controlled, willingly give up their power to others. No One can take your power unless you give it.  No One on earth can control you once you’ve Empowered yourself with Courage, Discipline, Responsibilty, and Self Respect.
Before you were taught doubt and insecurity. Before you were taught fear and prejudice. You were absolutely Pure. You were One with Yourself. One with the Universe. One with All. You were the very Essence of Love and Joy and Wonder. This is Who You Were. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.  It has never left you.  It is within you.  Remember it.  The POWER is yours.
You are AWESOME !
You are DIVINE !
You are AMAZING !
You are POWERFUL !
You are Only as FREE                     and as POWERFUL                   as your IMAGINATION. Let it SOAR 

You may choose to walk the path of any number of Religions or Belief Systems. Or, you may choose to Create your Own Magnificent Path in Life. This is our Grand Gift from Creation. The GIFT of *Infinite Possibilities*. Perhaps it’s time to unwrap it.
The GREATEST POWER requires the simplest thought and lightest touch. You don’t need to TRY so hard. It’s already YOURS. Use your IMAGINATION
Society, friends, family, religions, and so on will try to set you straight. But only YOU can set you FREE.