With over 35 yrs. as a Motivational Speaker, Master Martial Artist, Wellness Coach, and Fitness Expert I have developed a strong sense of what it takes to create the most Positive and Powerful life experience, both Physically and Spiritually. The New Way is an exciting life changing philosophy that helps break through the constraints of societal and religious propaganda that have been holding you back from creating your ultimate dreams.  It’s a fun, enlightening journey that will last the rest of your life, a journey of self discovery and self-empowerment.  Live your lives to the fullest.  Embrace your perfection.  Learn to connect with the greatest powers of the Universe.  Now is the time to empty your cups of the old, ineffective ways of thinking and refill it with The New Way.  I’ve written this book from my Heart with simple, easy to understand language as if I were speaking to a friend in my living room. I’ve always lived by the rule “less is more”. Keep it simple.  And I am so grateful that so many are enjoying and appreciating this work and that is has been helping people around the world change their lives. Thank You with all my Heart. 

The Ultimate Guide for Personal Power
"The Universe is not set up to grant wishes. It is set up to Match our Level of Belief."
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What You Think, 
You Manifest

Change Your Thoughts,
Change Your Life

May All of Your Fondest Dreams be Fulfilled
* Love Yourself

* Accept Yourself

* Believe in Yourself

* Encourage Yourself

* Challenge Yourself

* Heal Yourself

* Empower Yourself