When you can look in a mirror and say 'I Love You' with absolute conviction, others will see the same reflection in your eyes
 When your Heart is filled with Love and Joy... a flower, a tree, a butterfly, a blue sky, the stars you've seen a thousand times will take your breath away
Never set out to change others. Rather, be an example of Love and Kindness and let others be drawn to you
To Change the life you’re living you must first accept that you Created the life you’re living. Responsibility equals Freedom and Empowerment
When it comes to Love, two halves Do Not make a whole. True Love will develop only when Two (Whole and Complete) individuals meet. You must Fully Love yourself before you can Fully Love another
You remain a Victim as long as you choose not to learn from your Challenges. When you choose to learn and move forward, you become a Great Teacher to yourself and others
Those who believe in themselves live in a world of endless possibilities 
Healthy Relationships need to be supported by two pillars of Equal Strength. The weakness of one will cause the collapse of both. Each should be devoted to the Strength of the other
When the Heart is filled with Need, we 'Fall' in Love. When the Heart is filled with Joy, we 'Flow' with Love
Each of us is a Beautiful Diamond in the rough. How much we Sparkle and Shine, however, depends on how much chipping and polishing we’re willing to do
Never look for someone to make you happy. Rather, look for someone with whom you can share Your Own Happiness
Gazing into each other’s eyes makes Love passionate. Gazing outwardly in the same direction, makes Love last
Find something every day to be grateful for. No matter how simple or small it might seem. The Universe appreciates it
You are the master of your thoughts.


All quotes by Eric Allen
*The quotes on this page will change periodically. Please come back and visit again. Thank You. Much Love*
We are Born to LOVE. We Learn to Fear. Enlightenment is more about UN-learning than Learning. All our Fears are FALSE Beliefs. Remember the TRUTH. Remember the LOVE
Telling others you Love them to Obtain their Love is a lack of Self Worth. When you have Self Worth you are able to give Love Endlessly with no expectations of receiving anything back. This is Ultimate WEALTH
 LOVE gives us Magical Strength. It allows us to LIFT each other at the same time.
Enter the MOST Beautiful, Mystical, Magical, Powerful *Portal* in all of Creation. Your HEART. Open it fully. Step Through and allow LOVE to Fill your Experience. Infinite LOVE to All
The Beauty of a *Loving Heart* ~ The more it’s Filled, the Lighter it gets.
We should Never give of ourselves with an expectation of getting something in return. We should Only give of ourselves because it feels good and it makes us stronger and more powerful spirits. It should never matter what others do or don’t do with our Love and Kindness. That is their journey. When we release expectations we will be able to give more and more of ourselves without any fear. This is how we become more and more POWERFUL. This is the only reason to LOVE wholly, completely, and passionately… to raise our Frequency which automatically raises the Frequency of others. *Love Fearlessly* *Never hold back* Infinite Love to All