Your mind is a Magical Garden. EVERYTHING you put in it will grow. What are you planting today?  Fear or Excitement? Doubt or Confidence? Frustration or Patience? Hate or Love?  Plant a Garden for your SPIRIT to Blossom. 
SPIRITUALITY  is a Round Table. No One should sit at the head of it.  Learn from Everyone you meet…But Let No One TELL you what to Think or Believe.  You will NEVER find out Who You Are by walking someone else’s path.
Every Thought and every Feeling becomes an ENERGY that directly affects what you attract into your life.  The Universe is that perfect. 
Spirituality is NOT about Following, Adoring, Worshiping, or Fearing. It does NOT Judge. It does NOT Restrict. It is ALWAYS Expanding, Embracing, Kind, Nurturing, Flexible, Understanding, Open, and Loving. It is All about Freedom NOT Restraint. It is Definitely NOT about Convincing or Converting others. It is All about Empowering the SELF which benefits ALL.  Be FREE.  Let your SPIRITS Soar.
You are not separate from the SPIRITUAL Powers and Energies that can change your life. They are NOT up there. They are in you. They are of you. This energy flows as freely as the air you breathe. Know that Love and Health and Happiness flow through you with every breath you take. Imagine every cell of your body being charged with this Positive Powerful Energy.
YOU are the Creator of the Life you are Living
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 We are *PURE CONSCIOUSNESS*. It is entirely our Thoughts or FREQUENCY that determines our ‘Physical’ Experience. Once we AWAKEN to this idea, we will be able to more fully Co-Create the REALITY we most Prefer.
The Deeper we go within, the Farther we see. We are Pure Consciousness. We are Unlimited Imagination. Trust yourself. Trust your Imagination.
I have never needed to be a part of any group, sect, or religion to have a sense of Belonging. When I’m in a Forest, I am One with the trees- At the Beach, I am One with the Ocean - At night, I am One with the Stars - and when I'm in my Heart, I am ONE with *ALL THAT IS*..
When you think that you’ve Explored your Greatest IMAGINATION… there is always BEYOND. Prepare yourself for Infinite Possibilities.
​                  REMEMBER    

​      You are *Divine*   

    Infinite Love 
    Light to All