The World is your Playground. 

You choose the games and how you’d like to play them. 
You are the Power you’ve been searching for. 
Perhaps you've had enough of Gurus, Therapists, Analysts, Psychics, Astrologers, Palm Readers, Rabbis, Priests and so on.  Would you like a different, fun, refreshing, unique perspective on life?  Then you may enjoy a few minutes with me.  

Dozens and dozens of people have been thoroughly enjoying my combination of powerful spiritual insights and down to Earth humor as it pertains to who we are, why we’re here, and how we can enjoy this experience more fully.  You and Only YOU have the power to change your life.  My only intention is to simply be a ‘Reminder’ of the Power that already exists within.   

I would be most Honored to speak with you.  Here’s how we can connect.  And I believe I’m the only one doing it this way.  I will set up a time with you on Phone, Skype, FB, or WhatsApp.  We will talk for about an hour or so about anything you’d like.  You may wish to discuss a personal challenge or simply have me explain my philosophies or book chapters in more detail.   After we speak, we’ll say goodbye and you can decide if it was worth your while.  If it was fun and/or enlightening in any way, I ask that you send, whatever you are 'able to' or whatever you ‘feel’ was worth my time and information. 

I have received as little as $10 a session and, of course, more from those who CAN afford more.  I never, ever judge the amount that one sends and I am Always grateful for any exchange.   I do understand, very well, that some may be experiencing extreme financial challenges.  And that’s why I do it this way.

The question I’m sometimes asked is, why then don’t I just do this for Free?   Well, I do offer my services for free to charities and some individuals in unique situations.  I take everyone's  situation into consideration. 

However, on a more powerful spiritual level, giving these types of sessions for free is actually disempowering by reinforcing ones ‘lack’ of manifesting abundance.  So I do ask that one sends something as a ‘symbol’ of mutual abundance; ‘IF’ and only if one likes what I’ve offered.  
Realistically, when one does the research and sees that others are charging upward to $1500 an hour, I feel that this is a very, very fair way to exchange energy. 

Below is a *DONATION BUTTON* if you'd like to leave a gift.  

* If what I share with you DOES NOT help in any way I, of course, Do Not expect anything nor do I want anything.  Really.  This is how I keep myself honest.  I’m not just out to take people’s money.  My goal and my passion is to help Empower anyone who has the desire. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Now if you actually DO enjoy our conversation and then decide not to send anything anyway, I DO NOT judge that either.  

That’s between you and Karma.  

So, if this works for you please E-Mail me 


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 I very much look forward to           speaking with you.

Thank you with All my Heart.

Deepest Love and Gratitude,

       Eric Allen

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